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Title :  My Dream Life
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Henny Halim
I've been following you for almost a year now. I love your insightful and very motivating videos. Also.. I love your editings! So on point and beautiful! 💙 from Indonesia.
Comment from : Henny Halim

Nguyễn Huyền

Comment from : Nguyễn Huyền

Diana M Arango Buitrago
eres una mujer con un espíritu muy noble y con buenas intenciones . te felicito. desde Cali ,Colombia
Comment from : Diana M Arango Buitrago

grunge kookie
you are such an inspiration <3
Comment from : grunge kookie

Remonde Victor
Awesome video!!!
Comment from : Remonde Victor

BE the Change !
Aweeeeeesome.... speechless ! Ditto Aileen.... Stay Blessed !
Comment from : BE the Change !

Valentina Alexeevna
you are love!
Comment from : Valentina Alexeevna

Alicia Schulter
I feel like you are my lost twin haha ❤️
Comment from : Alicia Schulter

Jane Gloucester
It's so interesting to see everyone's "main lifegoal", because they are all so different! For me, my main lifegoal has always been love. Giving love, feeling love, receive love, learn new love-languages... I like to write stories and books and --> create in that way, but it's not my main goal. So cool to learn from all kinds of souls ♡ Thank you, Aileen!
Comment from : Jane Gloucester

sabby sabby
Loooovvvvveeee what ur wearing!!
Comment from : sabby sabby

I love you and I wanna be like you!!!
Comment from : YukariS

Vrushali Ketkar
Hi! These days I have started playing all your old videos in the background while I work and they just help me stay so positive. I loved the last bit where you said that it's not about setting huge goals but living a dream life every single day! Really calmed my nerves! :)
Comment from : Vrushali Ketkar

Albert Rocolom
I travel a lot an my problem was that I couldn't take my board with me. So I googled and found only one beautiful and useful application called visuapp, it's like digital vision board for iPhone. Need to say that that's even better.
Comment from : Albert Rocolom

Anna Ariel
you are such an old soul - love your channel girl!
Comment from : Anna Ariel

Dhriti Govindraj
This video brings back so many memories!! I just love this. <3 Aileen, you're such a beautiful soul! :) My theme for 2018 is in fact to "Rebuild myself" and "Be bolder". Love you! :) Kisses and hugs from India.
PS:- one of the things I want to do in "being bolder" is to create my own YouTube channel. I'm scared to put myself out there but I want to. I want all the love and positivity from the Universe. And I knew you were my "go-to" girl for the same. :) :*

Comment from : Dhriti Govindraj

leena pawar
your are amazing
i wish i could meet you tough i can watch you i thank god for this

Comment from : leena pawar

wiem chattouna
you're the best one <3 i love you so so much
Comment from : wiem chattouna

Bornali Sinha
Watching your videos and listening to your voice makes me feel alive and refreshed
Comment from : Bornali Sinha

Юлія Волошенюк
You are already LOVE. Because yours videos are so great and I suppose you even can't imagine how big your impact is in our life. Thank you for all this inspiration.
Comment from : Юлія Волошенюк

This is such an inspiring video! I am quite similar to you, I dont need much to be happy, only the possibilty to learn and grow, being as healthy as I can and be around the people I love. Took me about 30 years to realize this. ^^ Sending you some love <3
Comment from : Lumary

Ariff Jasmani
Thank you :)
Comment from : Ariff Jasmani

vilma chhang
You're such an inspiring young person... I admire you. Thank you for being real and sharing your experiences.
Comment from : vilma chhang

Diana Poghosyan - violin
I love her so much.
Comment from : Diana Poghosyan - violin

thilki wijerathne
You are so cool.I really love the way you think.
Comment from : thilki wijerathne

Selisha Kanniapen
You're like my soul sister.... Yes the secret to happiness is to be obsessed with the process
Comment from : Selisha Kanniapen

Neelam Chaturvedi
Allen ur video are just awesummm...I getting addicted 2 it...Waiting fr more video...Lots of love....,😘😘
Comment from : Neelam Chaturvedi

Neha Vishwakarma
I want to be like you after watching​ your videos
Comment from : Neha Vishwakarma

Ka Lam Tse
Thank you❤
Comment from : Ka Lam Tse

Chay Vlogs
Yur my life caoch already...subscribed 😘😘😘
Comment from : Chay Vlogs

Toni Spain Otto
Very inspiring. Keep up the great work girl!
Comment from : Toni Spain Otto

Prathima Peramgadu
Comment from : Prathima Peramgadu

Hương Phạm
Thank you for all video of you. It's make me a lot of motivation :)
Comment from : Hương Phạm

Jameelah Edwards
I just found this video and I couldn't agree more with what you said about love. The older I get, the more I need too feel like I made a positive impact in other people's lives in one small way. Life is bigger than me
Comment from : Jameelah Edwards

Cloris Lu
Thank you Life is meant to be happy
Comment from : Cloris Lu

Stephanie Kets
I just found your channel and I love it! I'm watching every video haha. love it! thank you 😄😄😄
Comment from : Stephanie Kets

Gracie Johnston
Beautiful. Just beautiful. 💗
Comment from : Gracie Johnston

Happy Sparrow
I just wanted to share with you where you are playing right now. I have a queue of your videos that I made that I felt applied to me right now, and I have them on my big tv in my living room - where I am creating a giant vision board/business presentation that I am presenting this week. So you are on the big screen, my dogs are on the couch watching 😅I am on the floor switching between sprawling across pillows or bouncing on my yoga ball - I've got my art supplies and photo printer literally blooming with the energy of me and my art and you and your art. You are keeping me company tonight when I have no one else to support me in this moment. Thank you so so much, Aileen. I hope when I have more time to tell you more about how you've helped me and hopefully one day I will be able to do something for you to return the favor. I am a woman who just turned 27 by the way in case you were wondering. Thank you for sharing all of this truly inspiring and CLEAR energy. You have a clear channel to the Source, whatever is guiding you, your spirit is listening extremely closely and sharing it with the world with expertise. Can't thank you enough.
Comment from : Happy Sparrow

Maria K.
You are such an interesting person! I would really love to have a talk with you if I had the chance! 🌸❤️
Comment from : Maria K.

June Gloom
We need more people like you in this world, a girl with actual substance, not kardashian cookie cutters
Comment from : June Gloom

Stacy Fun
you're so inspirational. new subscriber already in love
Comment from : Stacy Fun

Carmen N.
so inspiring !!!
Comment from : Carmen N.

Amani salman
I love this video 🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Amani salman

Gabriela Centurion Neumann
"This is real, this is me. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now. Gotta let the light shine on me..." started playing in my head when you said those last words :)
Comment from : Gabriela Centurion Neumann

Hi Aileen! All these time I realized that I actually was born to create as well. Everything you said are everything I wanted to say. You literally took the words out of my heart and gave life to the words I wanted to speak and you gave more clarity to the clutter in my mind. I didn't really know what I wanted to be before until I found that I wanted to inspire and motivate people to keep on dreaming. Everything you said just made so much sense to me. The world needs more love, compassion, kindness and positivity. Putting love in everything we do - oh my god it feels like we have the same mindset. I love you now, Aileen! Thank you for sharing your life on Youtube. Makes me realize that I'm not alone with all these kind of thoughts in my mind as well. God bless ❤💜😘
Comment from : MISSGEE

m v
you helped me so much right now.. you're lovely thank you
Comment from : m v

Christopher Rose
The Dream Life is what I am working towards and everything you said in this video I believe inIt so powerful to see someone who understand the importance about LOVE & CREATION This video has really inspired me and thank you greatly for your good work
Comment from : Christopher Rose

Nadine Felice
Watching your videos is always such a pleasing and inspiring experience.
Comment from : Nadine Felice

Jess Bess - Mulan MMA
you seem such a nice person, sending love from Hong Kong!
Comment from : Jess Bess - Mulan MMA

Michaela Malijan
Miss Aileen what's your philosophy i life? :)
Comment from : Michaela Malijan

I could so relate to this
Comment from : sama2702

Safa Shabbir
Guuuuurl you my life coach
Comment from : Safa Shabbir

I can't stop watching your videos ! You're so inspiring ! Kisses from France :)
Comment from : Jeyogi

what was the last book you read that you would recommend? your videos are so inspiring. i love your voice too. its so soothing :)
Comment from : foxskinn

awsome...but why r u sooooo cute!!!? =^_^=
Comment from : hubertheuber

jain Alsh
u spread alot of positive energy . thank u 💜
Comment from : jain Alsh

Rachel Huston
Your videos are perfect and you inspire me so much. Your videos really help me focus in on what I need to fix in my life. I don't have a lot of love for myself so I don't believe that I deserve to create or enjoy anything, which gets in the way of me moving forward. Do you have any advice?
Comment from : Rachel Huston

Thankyou for all the inspiration <3
Comment from : Pannaga

<3 love! <3 Yes, I totally agree. A life of love - my new mantra <3
Comment from : TheGirlWithThePiano

Melissa Pinilla
+Lavendaire  Where is your sweater from? It's lovely!
Comment from : Melissa Pinilla

Susy Caceres
I totally agree with you. I am going to copy those five things and put them in my wall so I can read them every day. You are so inspiring!
Comment from : Susy Caceres

Lindseys LifeNstyle
This is exactly where I'm at in my life right now! New subbie!!
Comment from : Lindseys LifeNstyle

Lindseys LifeNstyle
This is exactly where I'm at in my life right now! New subbie!!
Comment from : Lindseys LifeNstyle

elisa pazaj
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love everything about your videos! Keep up the good work. Continue making these incredible videos.
Comment from : elisa pazaj

Momo C. - Style & Sewing
You remind me of myself and look a bit like my older sister. I agree with you on all these five points! <3
Comment from : Momo C. - Style & Sewing

corey michael
I had a wonderful time watching this video and thinking about my future myself. It's 2016 and your minimalism videos are helping me too! I want to keep making videos too, so I agree with you. Keep up with your great work! :)
Comment from : corey michael

Aidy So
Great videos and great messages, first channel that I've subscribed to in the new year, thank you for creating inspirational and substantive content! Can't wait for the rest of 2016 :-)!
Comment from : Aidy So

You are so inspirational <3 love everything your channel is about!
Comment from : savannahandstuff

by Amy Grace
Love your vibes girl! Shivers.
Comment from : by Amy Grace

Mariela Prado
Aileen you radiate light right through the screen! You look gorgeous. Your dream life is also my dream life, especially the thinking u need to wait for something big to change but change from within 😊
Comment from : Mariela Prado

Lovely vid as always, will defo be mindful of these 5 things c:
I'd love to ask how you're able to include regular reading in your day? Does your day tend to jam packed full of stuff to do/places to do?

Comment from : Issy

Macy Abernathy
This is so inspiring! Just like all of you other videos. Any time I feel counterproductive, your videos help pick me up haha. So glad I have discovered your lovely channel! Happy holidays (:
Comment from : Macy Abernathy

Lean Avenir
I'm loving your minimalism journey! I started my journey September 2014, and you and your channel inspire me to do my own thing as well. Keep up the great work!


Have you listened to David Foster Wallace's "This Is Water?" That changed my life and made me start to go on the journey. :D

Comment from : Lean Avenir

Natasha Belus
Your videos always make me smile :)
Comment from : Natasha Belus

Steven Le
This video energized me a lot! Thank you so much!
Comment from : Steven Le

Sandy Matias
What a beautiful dream life! It looks like you are already creating your dream life. Enjoy manifesting a glorious life that you will indeed live. :)
Comment from : Sandy Matias

Jeremy Ng
Very similar to mine except that while I do want to have some travel in my life, it's not that important for me. #1 is probably what I can relate to best. I've been making consistent piano videos on YouTube for almost 2 years now, and it does feel amazing every time a new one goes live. Even though I suffer from imposter syndrome sometimes, I'm still proud of myself overall. And I do actually listen to my own music!

And #2. Books have been a very important part of my life. I keep the current book that I'm reading at my bedside table all the time. I've also seen your book list. Great stuff. Some I've read (such as The Alchemist and The War Of Art) and some I want to read.

Btw, I've just discovered you through one of your KonMari videos. I thought your blog/YouTube was going to be all fashion and stuff, but I'm glad to find that it is actually mainly personal growth. You've got a great message there.

"Because to create and architect our own lives is the ultimate form of self-expression."
>> Man, I love this so much.

Comment from : Jeremy Ng

Forever 217
you are a breath of fresh air
Comment from : Forever 217

Xian Jin Koh
I got goosebumps as you unfold the 5 characteristics of your dream life because they are mine as well. Glad to have chanced upon your channel this moment :) Subscribed instantly, and I'm excited.
Comment from : Xian Jin Koh

Xian Jin Koh
I got goosebumps as you unfold the 5 characteristics of your dream life because they are mine as well. Glad to have chanced upon your channel this moment :) Subscribed instantly, and I'm excited.
Comment from : Xian Jin Koh

Intentional Insights
What a great video, I learned a lot! I think this video, “Journal Your Way To Meaning and Purpose,” complements this one well: youtu.be/HwljwN-MUU4 What do you all think?
Comment from : Intentional Insights

Umber Moore
Can someone recomend me some channels similar to hers?
Comment from : Umber Moore

Hanan anf
Comment from : Hanan anf

what lipstick are you using? its beautiful! also im so glad i found your channel, keep doing what you love 💓
Comment from : Minniebow13

Claudia Batista
Comment from : Claudia Batista

i find it difficult to be with health and wellness and travel, it is not easy at all... i traveled a lot...
Comment from : mrazik131

But ap classes man:( I haven't been able to create a YouTube video for over a year on my main channel. Sometimes i wish I didn't take so many ap classes so that i can actually have time to do what i want to do
Comment from : mingii

You ever thought about engineering? create something really world changing? Do what you love, and you'd never work a day in your life.
Comment from : blaby4ever

Nora Guadarrama
So happy I found you! in a moment in my life that I'm feeling kind of lost! thanks for everything !!!!!
Comment from : Nora Guadarrama

I'm really curious what you are reading lately. I want to see another video like that. Great video as always
Comment from : Kyotopearl

Curtis Seebaran
Thank you for being courageous to share your life. :)
Comment from : Curtis Seebaran

Lavendaire, can you maybe tell what are some of the youtube channels you get inspiration from? I don't always like the video's I consume, there is too much negativity. I really like Ted-talk video, PeakYourMind and ofcourse your video's. I just wished I knew more positive, happy channels.
Comment from : madamelicorne

i love you!
Comment from : Lydia

Cat Mansouri
I am thankful for all your videos bc they are a reminder that cool creative people are out there. I also like that you're my age and you also care about being your best self . It's kind of hard to have these conversations with most people, especially as 20-somethings, unless someone else also understands. I can't speak for everybody who watches your channel, but I will support your dream any way that I can. Best wishes from Canada :)
Comment from : Cat Mansouri

Luiza Kolowska
Thank you for being amazing and inspiring!
Comment from : Luiza Kolowska

The Minimalist Ninja
love this! so true indeed, love is so important! Love & kindness. not only to friends and family but everyone you meet. I am currently saving up for moving (Yay!) and traveling (woohoo!), while it can be stressful (moving uuh) I find it so enjoyable! My goal for 2016 is to travel more, explore new places and to move more! :) thank you for your videos! I always find them inspiring :)
Comment from : The Minimalist Ninja

I totally agree!! Nothing is more satisfying than posting a video you're proud of :)
Comment from : Jellybeamers

Chloe McKeon
I relate to your channel so much. For the past few months I've been trying to improve myself and break out of the cycle I've been stuck in for so long, and people think I'm trying to change who I am. In a way, I am. I'm trying to purge myself of negativity and incorporate more gentleness, more listening, more positivity, more love. I'm trying to change my diet to impact my mood and appearance, and your channel helps me feel so much less alone in my quest for self-improvement. Thank you so much for sharing with us. You make my days so much brighter. <3
Comment from : Chloe McKeon

I love you! I wish I was surrounded by more people like you!
Comment from : ccsays

You're really really awesome, Eileen!!^^
Comment from : Benny

Quynh-Tram Tran
What lipstick are you wearing? It's absolutely gorgeous on you!
Comment from : Quynh-Tram Tran

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