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Rigyal Lama
This is that one film I will never forget.
Comment from : Rigyal Lama

Eduard Hsia
Imagine watching this on shrooms or acid. Not just visually I mean, but also for the psychological and philosophical aspects.
Comment from : Eduard Hsia

Jalice May
I have a short list of films I make a point to rewatch at least every 10 years. Waking Life is on that list. I interpret it differently every time. For instance, it's a different experience now when I realized one of my favorite and most inspiring scenes is actually performed by Alex Jones! I didn't recognize him and some one recently pointed it out to me. Whoa....And the man who talks about evolution has always blown my mind, but now after having read the Singularity, it is honestly my hope for the survival of humanity..Also I love that the music is a tango, I've always interpreted that as the loving dance for dominance between the conscious and subconscious.
And I've definitely interpreted Waking Life as a film about death too.

Comment from : Jalice May

Don't forget about the really cool y'all soundtrack Glovertango is awesome
Comment from : Musicinfatuation

One of my favorite trippy movies! Great analysis.
Comment from : JulCaos

Filip Rizov
This movie, I watched it late at night, and at the end of it, I couldn't sleep, but had a weird feeling that my microweve was gonna kill me, the moment I close my eyes. Its clock was stuck at 0:00, and it was 3:14 am. I find it hard to sleep in a room with a microwave since then. And no, I don't and didn't take any drugs.
Comment from : Filip Rizov

after watching undone.. i cant wait for the future of this \genre/ what would this genre be called?

Jack Perry
The protagonist, at one point, has a flashback of getting hit by a car. Hinted at in the man and woman in bed convo, after you "die" there is still a few minutes of brain activity as the residual electrical potential in your nerves will need to 'bleed off' - creating a dream like state. This is a dream but not a normal dream, as the protagonist himself says, this is THE dream. What hit me hard most in this film is his short conversation with the dead woman. I know you all know that scene. It's profound.
Comment from : Jack Perry

life is a dream. get over it. the only reason this shit seems so profound at times is because we are programmed to think such things are profound. when you realize that life is in fact a dream it becomes so normal that this shit is almost laughable.
Comment from : DawnOfTrueSteel

watching this movie for me was very unsettling. Like it was straight up reading my mind... I had almost excact same idea for a film
Comment from : bqgin

Dawn Radford
Things like levitation, telepathy, mysticism and magick make a lot more sense to me within the context of lucid dreaming. IIRC, ancient philosophers considered dreams and their realms to be every bit as real and substantial as common reality.

Another aspect here is the phenomenon of the "mind's eye". We seem to exist as energy beings, seated within a sphere that works like a computer screen. All of your senses are represented there, but dreams, memories, hallucinations, and such, are on the same screen, and sometimes overlap.

So, what percentage of what you're experiencing right now isn't the reality about you, but mistaken memories, daydreams, or reflections that served internal dialogue a long time ago?

Comment from : Dawn Radford

Allis Amaz
The floating up in the sky and trying to grab ahold of something is a common feature of lucid dreams. As you “wake up” inside the dream you often float up and wake up – a lot of times into another dream without realising. If you want to stay in your dream it can help to grab something and trying to stay.
Comment from : Allis Amaz

Allis Amaz
I always read it as the protagonist dying after the boat guy scene. I wouldn't say it's about that – I think Linklater crammed a lot of perspectives and thoughts in there. But Boat guy talks a lot about how life is a like a blank canvas and you should colour it in yourself. Next scene our protagonist gets hit by a car and wakes up from a dream – in only line art. Then getting his colours filled in. Also Ethan and Julie talks a about living a whole life in a dream state the last minutes of your life.

That would just be one aspect of the movie though. As I said, I don't think you can say it's about one thing.

Comment from : Allis Amaz

David Matteson
he's dead(Wesley) and the film portrays his brains last minutes of function before turning off. his release of the door handle at the end is him slipping into true death or the unknown.
Comment from : David Matteson

Mr Mojo Rising
The main characters make is Wiley Wiggins
Comment from : Mr Mojo Rising

jw zacher
It's bad enough that you sell your waking life for minimum wage, but now they get your dreams for free
Comment from : jw zacher

paws mcgraws
"They say that dreams are real only as long as they last, couldn't you say the same about life?"
Comment from : paws mcgraws

Frank G.
I feel like he was dead throughout the whole movie not even sure he was ever really alive
Comment from : Frank G.

Hunter Bowlan
At the start he is holding on as a "grip" on the illusion of reality. That is why the line says "dream is destiny" which is to say life as we know it is an illusion. In the end he "leys go" and transcends reality literally floating off into the unknown. And the "bigger picture" which fades our individual identity. so sayeth the ancient one who is still holding on dearly I was always the last to get into the pool as a kid too. sigh.
Comment from : Hunter Bowlan

There’s a lot of quantum mechanics in this movie ;-)
Comment from : Vicky

Breezy Doesit
Great movie I love the scene about the ukulele guy
Comment from : Breezy Doesit

mirror tape
This film was so amazing
Comment from : mirror tape

Peter Smith
One of my altime favs. I have seen it about 40 times and have yet to tire of it.
Comment from : Peter Smith

Rebecca A
I really thought that this movie was about a character who died coming to grips with his death.
Comment from : Rebecca A

Lucas Hirl
Beautiful job.
Comment from : Lucas Hirl

please do something about the before trilogy
Comment from : TheSroolik

Nathan Kelly
Just close your eyes and shut up when you shroom
Comment from : Nathan Kelly

dimostolio toliop
exeis adiko
Comment from : dimostolio toliop

John Mitchell
Awesome video, thanks so much!
Comment from : John Mitchell

I've seen this movie 3 times; at the ages of 9, 14, and 24. Each time it's done something different for me. The first time my takeaway was about learning to be a better dreamer--mastering the lucid dream. I kept journals and attempted to find my "tell" in dreams so I could control them. My pinnacle was when I was finally able to fly in my dreams.

The second time was during some of my most formative years, and I didn't know it then but I identified most strongly with Alex Jones (It wasn't until I watched it again at 24 that I realized it was him). His raw anger towards the world struck right to the center of my teenage angst and helped catalyze a path of cynicism and anger in my life.

Finally at 24, I decided to watch it again and this time the movie took on a much more complete message for me. I now have a much more eclectic approach to life where each of the characters in the movie are all a piece of how I make sense of the world I exist in. At the same time, I have an absurdist (think Albert Camus) outlook.

Where will I be next time I watch this film? Who knows, but I enjoyed your analysis at this point in time. Thanks for posting!

Comment from : illili32

wow this movie was very good. i was only planning to watch it for like 15 min but found myself hooked and invested in what was going on. The conversation in the movie are things people have thought about at least me. I loved the feel of this movie and I loved the unique art style. haven't seen anything like it since the animatrix
Comment from : Carmen

Netia Louis
where can i watch this?
Comment from : Netia Louis

Awesome analys.Keep them coming
Comment from : ِ

Would love to see a video essay from you on Christopher Nolan. Would have asked if you could do one on The prestige or Inception but seeing as how you said you're favorite nolan film is Memento, it would be great to see your take on that
Comment from : Ekanem

Jerry Lopez
It's about the transition of boyhood into manhood. The decisions one makes as an adolescent and view points of life depending on who you surround yourself with dictate what kind of man you will become. The film shows the boy holding on to the car, that is his state of mind, he is still holding on to childhood. Now when he "wakes up" it's a realization that he is no longer a child. He is led on a journey into other peoples life or dreams if you will. When he gets hit by the car it's alike to waking up to the realization he must now start make his own decisions. The reason he got hit by a car is that someone else told him what route to take. The journey he is led about is perspective of others "dreams", a metaphor for life. He is constantly waking or realizing that each time he "wakes" up it is not his dream but the dream of others. He is barraged by their "dreams", their view points of what life should be like. In the end he finally has awoken, or has he? The transition to becoming a man has begun. The viewer has to ponder, will you allow others take control of your dreams? What kind of life do you expect to have, if you are living another persons vision? Awake! Dream your dreams, live your life according to the wisdom that history has laid out before you.
Comment from : Jerry Lopez

Geoffrey Adams
I have to agree with you on most accounts. Pretty much nailed it. I would add there is an element to the film where it is almost a horror story. Linklater describes the "demiurge" which is considered to be a malevolent entity that is responsible for life. The demiurge traps souls in physical bodies for whatever purpose. Gnostic Christianity created the concept as a way of explaining sin. In essence, we are trapped in our own bodies (or multiple bodies through reincarnation) never free to be pure spirit because we are drawn to the physical trappings of life. The soul is always trying to wake up, and Jesus is showing us how we can free ourselves from our mortality. One of the reasons he references Philip K. Dick was because he suffered from paranoid delusions. He, for a time, believed that he was trapped in some sort of limbo where he was living out the dreams of a man from the time of Christ. His idea was that we are all this man, or that we are all fragments of a soul trapped in all bodies. You and I, or anyone else, are the same spirit flitting from body to body for all eternity until we can transcend into a higher plane of existence by abandoning the physical realm. So, the film explores the idea that the protagonist is actually dead and he hasn't accepted it yet. I'm guessing you have seen David Lynch's Mullholand Drive, they share some similar themes and it also presents the idea of a demiurge.
Comment from : Geoffrey Adams

Love your interpretation of the ending! This is a very "random" movie, and dreams definitely don't look and play out like this (at least as one remembers it), but I like the idea of the 'floating backgrounds' a lot! Well I have still some catching up to do on Linklater. His "Before" trilogy definitely is excellent and very true to life - to say the least.

Yes: the unanswered question: is life a dream? I would say: very likely not in a "Matrix" or "Total Recall" sense (which, in a way, implies that there must be a level of "absolute reality", which I don't subscribe to) but definitely just an interpretation of our brain. There is so much "filling-in", "padding", cognitive errors and relying on unreliable memory going on (just scratching the surface of course), that philosophers (and writers for that matter) will be kept busy for many centuries.

Thanks for another insightful break down and the inspiration to further look into the work of yet another a great director/screenwriter!!

Comment from : truefilm

Dr. Galapagoats
Great take. One of my favorite movies. I saw it when it came out and it had a profound effect on my interpretation of philosophical thought that I had previously falsely believed I understand in a beneficial way.
Comment from : Dr. Galapagoats

Adriano Vazquez
I adore the work of Richard Linklater. I'd actually recommend people watch his debut film slacker before watching this. waking life is up there for me with boyhood, the before series and dazed and confused as one of his best
Comment from : Adriano Vazquez

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