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DREAM LIFE - PART 1: Plug 'n Play Hell - SevenisYellow Let's Play

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Information DREAM LIFE - PART 1: Plug 'n Play Hell - SevenisYellow Let's Play

Title :  DREAM LIFE - PART 1: Plug 'n Play Hell - SevenisYellow Let's Play
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Frames DREAM LIFE - PART 1: Plug 'n Play Hell - SevenisYellow Let's Play

Description DREAM LIFE - PART 1: Plug 'n Play Hell - SevenisYellow Let's Play

Comments DREAM LIFE - PART 1: Plug 'n Play Hell - SevenisYellow Let's Play

Brittany Gordon
I'm here cause of tiktok 😭

I used to LOVE this game and would play it all day long! I wish I knew where mine was cause I would definitely play it again

Comment from : Brittany Gordon

CR 92
Got this for either a birthday or Christmas present a long time ago.
Comment from : CR 92

I begged my stepdad to buy this for me when it first came out and he did ... only for it to stop working after one night of binge playing. Probably the bitterest moment of my childhood 😭😭😭
Comment from : GeniusMusikk

R Smith
this soundtrack has been in my head since 2007 lol
Comment from : R Smith

Megan Chambers
Lol I loved this game I played it wayy into when I was probably too old for it lol
Comment from : Megan Chambers

I remember getting this for christmas
Comment from : Naliflower

Jasmine Ann
Wish I could find this game in storessssssss
Comment from : Jasmine Ann

Omg I LOVED this, then completely forgot about it .. I think my friend had this in middle school, and it just randomly popped up in my memory.. the nostalgia omg
Comment from : BlendedBeautyXO

oh my gouache
also ugh thanks so much for posting this, i’ve been looking for this game for FOREVER and now i can relive the nostalgia through these videos :’)))

Comment from : oh my gouache

what creepy pasta are you talking about?
Comment from : Taryntendo

Pearl M
they were dedicated to this shit 🤣🤣 day 16
Comment from : Pearl M

Amy Perez
Why is the creepy pasta they mentioned?
Comment from : Amy Perez

social parasite
Wow I miss this game... played it for hours when I was like ...10?
Comment from : social parasite

Anna Twite
Comment from : Anna Twite

Miranda Summerset
I was born early 2000s & I played this everyday after school 🙌 lol obsessed I was
Comment from : Miranda Summerset

alexa brooke
im just finding this video and im so FUCKING thankful that you guys made this so im able to relive this very weird part of my young life. i was almost ashamed of it??? i dont think i ever talked about it to my friends and i distinctly remember being frustrated that i couldnt make my character a boy to date girls... and it took me till i was 19 to realize i was a lesbian. smh. thank you for this. i know you made it 2 years ago but holy fuck does this bring back some weird memories.
Comment from : alexa brooke

Blonde Ambition
This was such a huge part of my childhood omfg the mEMORIES
Comment from : Blonde Ambition

This brings back so many memories
Comment from : Splommy

Alea J.
this game was so fun!!
Comment from : Alea J.

Jay Roomes
As someone who was obsessed with this game when I was 12 (and then swapped it for my then-bestie's DreamLife Superstar and never got it back), I can't wait to spend all night binging this. And then spending my hard-earned money buying a new one :-)
Comment from : Jay Roomes

Addie Panduro
I broke my game by dropping it or something, I was SO disappointed in myself lmao middle school was never the same
Comment from : Addie Panduro

Manic 🏳️‍🌈
I can remember having the superstar version of this game but all I did was make tons of money and buy everything in the stores but like I was never famous lol
Comment from : Manic 🏳️‍🌈

Jazlyn Bell
Comment from : Jazlyn Bell

ayyy bibii
Comment from : ayyy bibii

Blue Geen
I wanted this so bad and when my grandpa bought it for me I felt like I hit the jackpot
Comment from : Blue Geen

Lila Rose
Comment from : Lila Rose

Rachel DeRosier
Oh God I miss this game so much it hurts 😣
Comment from : Rachel DeRosier

My gosh! I remember getting this game for my 9th birthday in 2006 and I remember being absolutely obsessed with it (and a year later I was obsessed with DreamLife: Superstar).
Comment from : Alphawolf2017

this game rocked
Comment from : Julia

Réaltra Cosplay
Lol I woke up a couple nights ago thinking of this game and I was like wtf was it called? And then I found this. Lots of childhood memories.
Comment from : Réaltra Cosplay

Yeah that’s what I meant, go to town on those books.


Comment from : Bug

This is She
This was like the best game ever when I was in middle school. My friends and I spent so many hours playing this game. So much nostalgia.
Comment from : This is She

Abi Claire
How did you screen record a plug and play? Lol
Comment from : Abi Claire

Lucci’s Mommy
I legit still play this lmao, unfortunately nine didn't come with the cute green cover thing on the top
Comment from : Lucci’s Mommy

mystic tacos
i just got so many childhood flashbacks HOLY SHIT
Comment from : mystic tacos

.....this actually a videogame genre call visual novel, which was born on Japan :/
Comment from : shogundr4g0n

Skwisgaar Skwigelf
I love this game so much when I was younger! Holy shit
Comment from : Skwisgaar Skwigelf

Allie PM
Comment from : Allie PM

Claire W
I studied for tests more in this game than I ever did in real life lol
Comment from : Claire W

A r e y
I miss this so much
Comment from : A r e y

Maddy Earl
Dream Life was the best!! I adored this game!
Comment from : Maddy Earl

Brianna & Amanda
omg this game!!! yessss
Comment from : Brianna & Amanda

amiellia Wapass
here because of bunny #swapfam
Comment from : amiellia Wapass

Kiarra Symone
Awww the memories! I actually still have this game in my room somewhere and dream life superstar! These were my jams. My best friend had designer's world and I was obsessed with it when I played it at her house omg
Comment from : Kiarra Symone

This was my childhood
Comment from : Sam

Nuna Brittany
This game brings back so many memories let me go order it from eBay
Comment from : Nuna Brittany

LunaScout Gaming
I have two of this game and I got them from a second hand shop.
Comment from : LunaScout Gaming

Michelle Qureshi
I loveddd this game
Comment from : Michelle Qureshi

I had this and the superstar dream life game in elementary school (like the original more) but I loved it so much I would stay up late to play it. I was so invested. I wanna get it again bc I feel like i would be still just as invested xD
Comment from : Evnoiia

Sabrina Ramirez
This game was fun asf
Comment from : Sabrina Ramirez

Joni Kupolati
I remember this game lmao
Comment from : Joni Kupolati

Brings back memories. How did you guys stream this being that it's a plug-in-tv game.
Comment from : JennyHeartsGames

Sydnie Pelle
I didn't enjoy the video though so to the language.
Comment from : Sydnie Pelle

Sydnie Pelle
I love this game just got it today and im hooked
Comment from : Sydnie Pelle

Sims wannabe
Comment from : rc3wondere

omg I loved this game!!! this was my sims before I knew what the sims was.
Comment from : FlickYourEntertainment

I was obsessed with this game in middle school and I ended up getting designers world and dream life superstar lmao
Comment from : OddEyeCircles

Mai Delalamon
This is weirdly enjoyable to watch;;
Comment from : Mai Delalamon

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