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Title :  Dream Life Game
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Comments Dream Life Game

Lorena Ferreira
Omg. I had both. Wow the memories
Comment from : Lorena Ferreira

Jaime Sell
oh my god this felt like i unlocked a part of my brain i forgot i had access too, i used to play this game over and over when i was younger
Comment from : Jaime Sell

not page
i have been thinking about this for years i could not remember what it was called
Comment from : not page

Rebecca nickerson
I used to play the heck out of this when I was a kid in the 2000’s. I found it pretty boring after not to long,but It was strangely still addictive.🤔 I also used to play Bratz life too but I don’t remember too much of it compared to Dream Life.
Comment from : Rebecca nickerson

oh my gosh thank you for making a video on this. i have this game downstairs and loved it as a preteen. i wanted to remember what it was like without having to plug it back in again. thanks, i got a good laugh out of this too hahahha
Comment from : boredcow

Kate Smith
you don’t know what you’re talking about this game is the shit
Comment from : Kate Smith

Casey W
the memory of this game as a child just came to me today! i could very vaguely remember what the game was, just that it was plugged into the tv. ive been searching the internet for an hour and didnt think id find it. so happy i got to feel nostalgia from this video. i love that u turned goth
Comment from : Casey W

Savana Suter
THIS GAME WAS MY LIFE !!! I played it everyday and am pretty sure this is where my shopping addiction came from 😂 i really fell in love with my character and my bestfriend! So glad I remember the name of this. So nostalgic 🤩
Comment from : Savana Suter

Angel M.S
Lovedddd this game😭 I still have it
Comment from : Angel M.S

My grandma had to take this game from me because I would play for hours at a time.
Comment from : ItsJustRoseLove

This is one of the VERY few games i actually owned as a kid, and i remember beating it a couple of times. All i remember out of this game was the shopping, the jobs, and the rare presence of a soundtrack.
Comment from : AmethystLeslie

Praha Lamisa
I love you
Comment from : Praha Lamisa

Use to be crazy about this game but now it's boring to death! I always said I'd go for a different boy when playing, but everytime I went for that Joshua guy because he was the easiest to level up😂
Comment from : SunEater

Marlena Mook
I used to have both this and the superstar version the latter is better because you have more places to explore and things to do
Comment from : Marlena Mook

Tayler Mccullough
do you still have this game 😩 i used to have this when i was little an just remembered the name out of no where !! would you be willing to sell it ????
Comment from : Tayler Mccullough

Henry Nguyen
I just found the controller
Comment from : Henry Nguyen

Mushroom Maddness
About to play this game again after 10 or so years!
Comment from : Mushroom Maddness

prod. by messina
Omfg I remember always playing this when I would go to my friend’s house
Comment from : prod. by messina

mystery Love47
omg i remember this im crying i loved this haha 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : mystery Love47

The Christmas I got this was one of the best days of my life
Comment from : dabbi17

His ad is false it was release in 2005
Comment from : 12cherrybomb

Leigh Ann
Bro I remember going to toys r us and getting it for my birthday it was so fun lol 😫
Comment from : Leigh Ann

oh my god this is such a deep memory
Comment from : Stella

Rose Phillips
I blame my fashion sense on this video game ngl
Comment from : Rose Phillips

I still have the remote for this game but I can't find the console anywhere lmao
Comment from : Korina

makayla ashby
this was my shiiiiiiiit.
Comment from : makayla ashby

Raya Granum
I love this game and can play it for hours the only issue is I've had to purchase 3 systems so far, they keep breaking.
Comment from : Raya Granum

Whitney Platt
“Hi Dippy”
Comment from : Whitney Platt

I remember when my sister owned this when we were kids, i used to play it alot, it was fun, had a head canon that your character and there best friend (think her name was sarah) were daiting
Comment from : Spookyjboots

Amanda Jane Hopkins
You should do dream life Superstar it’s like the sequel game and they definitely went bigger.
Comment from : Amanda Jane Hopkins

ayyy bibii
reliving this unlocked a part of my inner psyche
Comment from : ayyy bibii

em 955
Loved this game as a preteen! Can the remake this and dance dance revolution with the dance matt😂
Comment from : em 955

K k
a part of my childhood...... the struggle of having sisters...................
Comment from : K k

Homestuck 2
i found like 30 of these factory sealed at the local goodwill for 5 bucks a pop and almost bought one out of curiosity.

glad i didn't

Comment from : Homestuck 2

I've been trying to find what this game was called all morning and literally Googled '2000s console game create girl' and this video came up bless i used to play this all the time until i lost the little remote!!
Comment from : monayoung

Ashleigh Thomas
This game was my childhood. I loved it. Sleepovers with dream life was what my friends and I lived for when we were young.
Comment from : Ashleigh Thomas

Love you
Comment from : Rebecca

Amanda Sutalo
This memory was buried so deep in my mind that I thought I dreamt it...
Comment from : Amanda Sutalo

Comment from : Shrill

Rachel Siminski
I miss this game so much lol I used to play it all the time
Comment from : Rachel Siminski

My CHILDHOOD this was weird to see
Comment from : Maggie

This game was my fucking shit
Comment from : thehappycactus

Olivia Frances
everyone had this game and i begged my mom to buy it for me from walmart......and then i never stopped playing....kind of sad i lost it moving twice 😰
Comment from : Olivia Frances

Laurel Ann
Gothsom 😭😂😂
Comment from : Laurel Ann

Mackenzie Nicole
I loveeed this game!! Ive been looking up "2000 blue game system where u control the girls life" and i couldnt get anything but sims for days!! So happy i found this thing i really want to buy one
Comment from : Mackenzie Nicole

Emily Christian
I spent so much time playing this
Comment from : Emily Christian

I loved this game so much, I never felt like it needed minigames. I played it religiously!
Comment from : Reese

Briana Nicole
I was so obsessed with this game! I had this & Bratz Life 😩 I really wish I knew what I did with these games so I could play them again.
Comment from : Briana Nicole

H. S.
bro I totally remember playing this
Comment from : H. S.

This was my favorite plug and play as a kid
Comment from : Taffyart

Kela Hayes
I miss this game so much😭 I played it all the time when I was little. I looked foward to coming home everyday afterschool for this😫
Comment from : Kela Hayes

Homme Fatal Taemin
Omg I remember that I loved this game when I was little
Comment from : Homme Fatal Taemin

Blaine Ash
I possessed this orb. It consumed many hours of my childhood.
Comment from : Blaine Ash

Lucci’s Mommy
Lmaoooo "oh daddy you spoil me"
Comment from : Lucci’s Mommy

would you ever consider selling your dream life, i would be up for dropping 60 dollars on one if i knew it worked. me and my best friend used to play it as kids.
Comment from : gnova7

Patty GT
Lmao this video is hilarious. That's probably what I was thinking when I was younger LOL
Comment from : Patty GT

Kristin Quintanilla
holy shit i remember this from when i was like 7
Comment from : Kristin Quintanilla

Caitlin Murray
I have never said holy shit so many times. So much nostalgia.
Comment from : Caitlin Murray

Phych0 Galaxy
I loved this game and there's a part of me that wants to buy one and play it again
Comment from : Phych0 Galaxy

Mahnoor Khan
I freaking loved Dream Life! My childhood right there! And this video was hilarious!!
Comment from : Mahnoor Khan

Tyler Clark
When I was a kid I loved this game lol I still don't know why
Comment from : Tyler Clark

grav3yardgirl brought me here.
Comment from : blackey5000

Joey _
'...yeah...sandals...now we're talkin...' lol! Love the commentary. 😊
Comment from : Joey _

anne melvine
Play Designer's World! It's from the same makers and it's also a tv game
Comment from : anne melvine

Brianna Butler
Used to play the hell out of this game
Comment from : Brianna Butler

Zoë Meyers
It’s 3 am and this game popped into my mind. I used to play this all the time when I was little. I just spent like 20 minutes trying to figure out what it was lol.
Comment from : Zoë Meyers

Emma Andrews
if you don't want this anymore lmk i'll take it off your hands
Comment from : Emma Andrews

Quadira Owens
This was my favorite game
Comment from : Quadira Owens

Mariah Daynell
OMG I MISSED THIS, i was trying to remember what it was called I'm freaking out i found it lol how cute
Comment from : Mariah Daynell

Alyssa Mueller
I loved this game was so addicting!
Comment from : Alyssa Mueller

H Hall
I was on a nostalgia kick, so I was happy to find this! I think as a kid, you're much more likely to be engaged with this kind of game despite the monotony. I played it for hours upon hours.
Comment from : H Hall

Ari Marisa
This game was basically my life as a little girl lol
Comment from : Ari Marisa

Madi Miller
This was my favorite game as a kid. Lol
Comment from : Madi Miller

Victoria Barnes
ten years later and even though i haven't brought it out recently, i did play it about 3 years ago as a fifteen year old. brought back some great memories
Comment from : Victoria Barnes

Jacqueline Laster
This game was my life until I lost it when we moved to our next house.
Comment from : Jacqueline Laster

Becca Faye
I work at a thrift store and I saw this while resetting the floor. I nearly died of nostalgia and bought it as soon as my shift ended!
Comment from : Becca Faye

Omg this game used to be my SHIT. I played it over and over
Comment from : pocketofluv

Sydney Cruz
Is this the "lazy game review" guy?
Comment from : Sydney Cruz

ru bee
i fucking miss this
Comment from : ru bee

Izzy Marie
ugh, I remember this so clearly. I felt like such a cool girl playing it.
Comment from : Izzy Marie

"This thing doesn't have a lot to hold onto your attention for a long time"
I used to play this over and over as a kid? Idk maybe I was just very boring.

Comment from : emmablowguns.

Queen Annihilation
I still have my dream life and dream life superstar game lol ah memories lol
Comment from : Queen Annihilation

Fill The Hills & The Faraway Sons
Your channel is a hidden gem, your good editing and jokes are on par with big channels. Really reminds me of normal boots channels
Comment from : Fill The Hills & The Faraway Sons

Paula Nagta
I just graduated high school and I've been playing this again hahaha great video and thoughts, the game does get repetitive but all in all brings out the child in me which will never go away. They have a dream life super star which is the sequel and I still own it, but the original was the best.
Comment from : Paula Nagta

Shawna Ables
This was my life as a preteen.. I was so obsessed
Comment from : Shawna Ables

Played this wayyyyyy too much as a kid! Doesn't look as bad as I thought it would.
Comment from : Pyroharpy

Omg, I thought I was the only one who had this game!
Comment from : guccilikis

I remembered having this not long after it came out, I always loved, and still do, these simulator type games. I was 12-13 and at that age, with how amazing the graphics were for then, I loved this more than anything.
Comment from : niroSodapop

RanZilla Da Killa
I so remember this game. This game was my shiznit. This game never got boring to me. I played this game 24/7. My older sister use to play it with me and we would be so into it. we would like play this for hours til morning til night. My sister made this game so fun. But my other older sister thought it was lame and she never played it with me she use to laugh at me playing this game. But i didnt care i loved it. I should go buy this game again. When my dog was a puppy he chewed the cord of it and i was so fricken pissed off that i cried. I never got it replaced. My other older sister who enjoyed playing it with me bought me another dream life game which was Dream Life Superstar
Comment from : RanZilla Da Killa

Livin' Lavida
1:52 WHAT ARE THOSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Livin' Lavida

I was best friends with everyone and dated all of the available boys, at the same time. XD
I also hated doing real life chores, 'cause no one would pay me $40 to just sweep.

Comment from : TheAeiouSometimesY

I had this and it was my favorite thing oml. I only beat it like twice tho because I kept losing the remote
Comment from : Cherrybyte

Guardian Diancie
I was secretly addicted to playing this while my niece went to school. Since it was her's.

Pay back for all those time I was at school and she was playing with my videogame consoles --> when she was a toddler. Joking not payback, but this game was addicting

Comment from : Guardian Diancie

Char Rar
this game was my shit
Comment from : Char Rar

Macie McKenzie
its 2016... i usted to love thats game i wish i had it
Comment from : Macie McKenzie

Jordan Murdy
I LOVED this game!
Comment from : Jordan Murdy

Jamie T
I remember playing this game all the time back in middle school, I'm now 21, my dad had found a box filled with stuff from when we moved and I looked through it and found this game and a game called "Designer's World" it brought back so many memories
Comment from : Jamie T

Gina Marie
I enjoyed this game a lot as a preteen but still wasn't as entertaining as the sims
Comment from : Gina Marie

Oh my God! I spent all day yesterday trying to find out the name of this game. Just 2 hours ago I went looking for it and now my sister and I are playing it. I'm 15 years old and played it 24/7 when I was 8... memories. :')
Comment from : erikaxo

Crystyna Marie
I used to be addicted to this game and really miss it... Wish I still had it
Comment from : Crystyna Marie

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