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Title :  Dreams Review
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So does this mean I have to buy dreams since I bought the early access
Comment from : aVoidx2

Bitter Swvrp
Is this on Xbox too
Comment from : Bitter Swvrp

This is the Game of the Decade.

No joke, there's nothing else like it. The possibilities are endless.

Comment from : Mkzwrld

Mike D
Ive never had buyers remorse as fast as I did with dreams, I might as well have just set fire to my money.
Comment from : Mike D

It actually does have a little something for everyone
Comment from : Shmepe

Sveno V
worth the 40 bucks?
I'm still thinking about it....

Comment from : Sveno V

i need this game. 🤯
Comment from : johndica

alpha zac
so its a software game engine not a game
Comment from : alpha zac

lightning spoon
Are creations available offline
Comment from : lightning spoon

Anosh ter Haar
Nice, would like to play it, the one thing I don't understand with this game is why they settled on a ps4 exclusive title. Let's hope it will come to pc soon. This type of game will just work better with a pc, think about the input problems you had but also the graphical side of things can just be made 10 times more powerful when powered by a strong pc. Again, when it will come to pc I sure will play it...
Comment from : Anosh ter Haar

Joseph Morales
Awww. I thought the end was creative.
Comment from : Joseph Morales

Noémie Gonthier
Do you guys know if it will be available on switch ?
Comment from : Noémie Gonthier

Best creative game ever I dabbled in minecraft abit but dreams omg it's so next level!!!!
Comment from : Haise

Wow ANOTHER GREAT PS4 exclusive.
Comment from : lostchildren

Played the free demo and loved it...
Comment from : NG TECH

Leandro Chaves
i think i would actually like this game
Comment from : Leandro Chaves

Nedim Ahatovic
This reminds me of Oasis from Ready Player One. Nice 👌
Comment from : Nedim Ahatovic

Dan L
It's on sale now for $30! Get it now!
Comment from : Dan L

I recommend this game for someone nostalgic.
Comment from : pittsburgh199

Nive Yoga
Babatunde 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Nive Yoga

Neil Mallick
I'm not really feeling it. Short 3 hour campaign, plus the same problems plaguing the LBP series (no-gameplay licensed media levels being prioritized over original works with gameplay).
Comment from : Neil Mallick

Keyblade Viking - Tobias
I had completely forgotten about this game, gotta buy it :)
Comment from : Keyblade Viking - Tobias

Lucas Seagull
It's in sales today!
Comment from : Lucas Seagull

Soppingwet Burgers
This game could be the thing that makes Ready Player One a reality.
We have advanced vr, dreams, internet access.
Ready player one could be 10 years away.

Comment from : Soppingwet Burgers

Me: Loved the LBP series (even LBP3)
Media Molecule: Makes this creative masterpiece which was not rushed unlike LBP3

Comment from : LeoDraws

J Miller
The 1st Gen of Ready Player One.
Comment from : J Miller

Luke Worrall
this looks unbelievable
Comment from : Luke Worrall

X Xx
Can i make a girlfriend? Asking for a friend
Comment from : X Xx

Mo Man
Li forgot this game got released they didn't really market it
Comment from : Mo Man

James Earl Cash
How can this possibly be anything less then a 10? This is literally ANY game you want it to be! If its not perfect, YOU messed it up. This is incredible, I'm really amazed by this game! And for the price??? What. The. F......
Comment from : James Earl Cash

Leonardo 45
Sony Certification: What Genre is this?
Media Molecule: Yes

Comment from : Leonardo 45

Needs to be 10/10
Comment from : Gillybabi

Martin Rojas
Is it worth just playing what others make Im an uncreative bum.
Comment from : Martin Rojas

The cursor is so adorable
Comment from : Breona

Just purchased this game and is amaizing just playing what other people have created.. I see this game having a cult following for years to come... Truly a masterpiece.
Comment from : civicpride1986

The Midnight Wolf
Way better than project spark
Comment from : The Midnight Wolf

Jesse Jusek
Kudos to you for being able to form coherent thoughts to describe this game.
I'm over here completely dumbfounded.
The craziest part is, I only stumbled upon this game because I googled "dreams".

Comment from : Jesse Jusek

Darragh McColgan
Will it come to xbox one?
Comment from : Darragh McColgan

Keroots Pig
This is better than roblox
Comment from : Keroots Pig

It has a little something for everyone.
Comment from : Scatterbrained

Stephen Truckey
So... basically project spark renamed?
Comment from : Stephen Truckey

This is literally a dream game [pun intended 😂]
But for real though, it's amazing!
Can't wait to play it someday! 💘

Comment from : NB

SC Anvil
i actually have a dream of a game i want to play, but it doesn't exist. if there is a PC version, i can do it myself. pls tell me there is a PC version
Comment from : SC Anvil

Nilam Saroop
Do we have to buy the games inside the Dreams game
Comment from : Nilam Saroop

Sadistic _Lee
Advanced LittleBigPlanet
Comment from : Sadistic _Lee

Faras Wahyu
so, this is gameception?
Comment from : Faras Wahyu

Ryan L
No wayyyy someone made PT 😂
Comment from : Ryan L

I Want someone to make a def jam ffny type of game on here if it’s even possible
Comment from : DMANIACK05

Didn't even know this was a think LBP had some great user created content it's great to see them still making games.
Comment from : DayFul

I am not funny
Cries in xbox
Comment from : I am not funny

Sweet dreams sarks 😘😘😘
Comment from : MegaMissfitz

Senor Southern Man
"This has never happened before" (creating games)

ahem roblox

Comment from : Senor Southern Man

Filip Carlsson
Someone to make Doom in this!
Comment from : Filip Carlsson

Todd Howard
Been gaming for over 25 years and I have never seen anything like. Not even within close proximity.

This is a gaming milestone absolutely, and it was so humbly released.

Comment from : Todd Howard

Why is Mario Maker 2 more popular than Dreams?
Comment from : Harlow

Jay M
While I do love the concept of this game (and I just ordered it), it also looks like the type of game I'll never have enough time to fully enjoy or understand how to do anything truly amazing with.
Comment from : Jay M

This is like the future of Roblox, but on the PS4.
Comment from : Meatballmars2002

This game never got the advertising it deserves.
Comment from : hiyapow

Sammy Kevin
All we need is just "dream".. Dont need other games..
Comment from : Sammy Kevin

The nostalgia of the LBP days
Comment from : bradleydalit

Zubayer gillar kyckling
a game inside a game? Like in rick and morty? Stimulation inside a stimulation
Comment from : Zubayer gillar kyckling

Mavis Luck
Can somebody make a Fallout76... correctly? With this, please, thank you! I’m not playing it anymore, but I just feel sorry for those who still do play it.
Comment from : Mavis Luck

So cool
Comment from : SevenDeMagnus

christopher Ocampo Gordillo
Rick Sanchez would love this game
Comment from : christopher Ocampo Gordillo

This is not a game, it’s a console
Comment from : kimdaegyum

Junaid Sajid
not in pc sad life
Comment from : Junaid Sajid

Moe Abdel
Only for PS4? I got a lot of time on my hands with this lockdown. A PS4 console it is!
Comment from : Moe Abdel

nights into dreams
Comment from : PhaseOntoTheAvenue

mr poet man
I was tried to avoid this video for a bit cuz I'm getting dreams but when I actually watched I totally agree with you.
Comment from : mr poet man

They should make a keyboard and mouse compatible to Dreams for the PS4.
Comment from : chivalry

Gustavo Sifuentes
Could I make an Arkham style punisher game?
Comment from : Gustavo Sifuentes

Dr Drew
Put this in VR and we'll have Ready Player One in real life
Comment from : Dr Drew

Chris Stokes
Nintendo says : "now if you kindly stop using our Ips "
Comment from : Chris Stokes

Alonso Sotelo
That's is the roblox future xd
Comment from : Alonso Sotelo

Athena Watts
I wish it was for PS3 or Xbox One X :(
Comment from : Athena Watts

That looks like fun must try asap!
Comment from : Hammerfall541

Michael Yamada
christ, this thing is gonna put me out of business
Comment from : Michael Yamada

UnderScore _
Only og’s beat the negativatron
Comment from : UnderScore _

Earth Grim
now bring it to Xbox
Comment from : Earth Grim

This is the next roblox
Comment from : IMadeThis1Up

Tom Wolf
It’s a great idea but sadly I think this game fails in execution when creating. It’s way to awkward to get used to compared to using a keyboard and mouse. Fun to see what people can create but I highly recommend not creating in it, it’s a nightmare
Comment from : Tom Wolf

Cody Bencar
They need this for Xbox
Comment from : Cody Bencar

Press F
I’d love to buy this but my country’s on lockdown and PS credit/debit card doesnt have an option available for my country
Comment from : Press F

Dr Octopus
Dreams is like quality Roblox
Comment from : Dr Octopus

Im not gonna lie, this sounds like what they did in SaO except it has nothing to do with a shitty anime
Comment from : ImLagg

• Histraction •
Anyone here watch Dani the unity game maker cuz imma make my own 3D Karlson next week
Comment from : • Histraction •

that's the new form of slavery! create content for free for those who sell the game for cash !
Comment from : ಠ_ಠ

Daniel Roy
reminds me of Spore Galactic adventures. Or Gary's mod
Comment from : Daniel Roy

We need this on Xbox now
Comment from : Gekko

Is this online?
Comment from : FRXXD -

This is literally just Little Big Planet but in 2020.
Comment from : DefectiveSickle

This is the youtube of gaming, they should allow to monitize it and export the games.
Comment from : MS84R

ddubs 11
Waiting for a legit dark souls dream... Or should I create it? 🤔
Comment from : ddubs 11

Adolf Hitler
Media Molecule will be the next EA
Comment from : Adolf Hitler

Jay Bear
Wtf. This is blowing my mind
Comment from : Jay Bear

I just want a remaster of Modnation Racers and LBP: Karting.
Comment from : RedDragonM1

ben Sella
Did they just created the new Unity???
Comment from : ben Sella

Aaron Atkinson
So basically with dreams you can finally bring the werid side of the internet back to its former glory
Comment from : Aaron Atkinson

Tony Anthony
so baaaasically Dreams is Mine Craft on creative mode, for video games!!! Super cooooool!!!!
Comment from : Tony Anthony

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