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Title :  dream life video reviews - braendendekaerlighed.com
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Comments dream life video reviews - braendendekaerlighed.com

Edna Pieraccini
Thanks so much! Great ideas!
Comment from : Edna Pieraccini

This Guy
Apologies. But u have to tell you that you are awesomely beautiful
Comment from : This Guy

Irma Lagomarsino
I love this!
Comment from : Irma Lagomarsino

Mary's Test Kitchen
Love this! Totally doing this at the end of this year!
Comment from : Mary's Test Kitchen

Lydia McBride
Inviting the women in my family to do this today :)
Comment from : Lydia McBride

Deepak Toppinkatti
Very Nice, it helped me a lot. i do this every year, but i like the process you explained.
Comment from : Deepak Toppinkatti

harley lover
my goal is ride more in the country ....thanks!!
Comment from : harley lover

This was great, thanks for posting it. I'm hoping to create a board myself. Your yoga sessions are amazing as well!
Comment from : going_rogue

Tatiana Garcia
Thank you for the video! it really helped me to get a bigger picture of goal setting.
Comment from : Tatiana Garcia

Vaughnie NuNu
Comment from : Vaughnie NuNu

Simon Otter
Thanks, Kassandra. I've always done something similar, but after a terrible 2016, I was really procrastinating about doing this exercise for 2016/17. After finding your Yoga for Cyclists video (which is great for me!), I found this Year End Review and Goal Setting video. After 15mins watching, you inspired me to do mine! Thank you.
Comment from : Simon Otter

This video was very helpful!!
thanks a lot! exactly what I was looking for!

Comment from : alismolina

happy camper
I love this!! My word is Downsize!
Comment from : happy camper

My Sights
What a beautiful setting to plan. It's 7th Jan today & I'm only getting time to think about what I would like to do in 2017. I'm using Minerva Planning Notebook ( goo.gl/TI4tBH ) to keep my thoughts in a book. It has pages to do a brain splurge of all your ideas and vision board pages for all aspects of life; relationships, career, spirituality, health etc. Love it! ๐Ÿ“’๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ“…
Comment from : My Sights

Erin's Transformation Nation
Love the video. I am definitely going to do this 5 areas of life goal & achievement board with my 9 year old son. Would love to see a video on how to create a Vision Board as well. Thanks for the inspiration to continue ur to be grateful and to set new specific goals by category for 2017. Blessings, Erin
Comment from : Erin's Transformation Nation

moon dust xxx
do you know the meaning of your name?
Comment from : moon dust xxx

Shibani Nair
This is by far the best, most informative and helpful video I have watched.. thanks a ton... and please do make a video about vision boards/journals would love to know more about it... Once again thank you for the process.. I actually did it with you.. so it is indeed very helpful..
Comment from : Shibani Nair

jacqueline b
my word for 2017 is spontaneity :)
Comment from : jacqueline b

Suggestion of me for things that went wrong: reframe it. Look what it brought you โค๏ธ
Comment from : diverstalent

Maria Vega
Vision board, please!
Comment from : Maria Vega

Angela Graham
I'm so glad I came across your video! What a blessing it was. I am definitely using this method. Thanks so much for sharing this concept! Happy New Year!
Comment from : Angela Graham

Thank you- and please let us see your vision board!!
Comment from : HammitCreates

Parwiz Afg
that was great :) thanx for sharing ua inspiritional experience .. my words for the year 2017 !! positivity ,focuse and preriority
Comment from : Parwiz Afg

This was fun, I just watched the video and wrote my review and goals along with you, pausing the video where needed to focus on my own piece of paper. My themes for this year are collaboration and continuation!
Comment from : Elsuu

Anoop John
My word is 'full on'...
Want to have my extreme . . .

Comment from : Anoop John

Louisa Taylor
Loved it thank you x
Comment from : Louisa Taylor

Jazmine On Set
This is really inspiring. I am definitely going to try this!
Comment from : Jazmine On Set

Michelle Garcia
My Word For 2017 Is Positive :)
Comment from : Michelle Garcia

Imran Kasim Mulla
love the video it's a push for year2017, Wishing u for best
Comment from : Imran Kasim Mulla

creamcolouredponies x
My word is "kindness" :)
Comment from : creamcolouredponies x

Lisa A Peschel-Peters
My word for 2017 is "Love"
Comment from : Lisa A Peschel-Peters

Mariam Felobes
I am only 12 but i am definitely trying it out
Comment from : Mariam Felobes

Grow With E.
Love this!! Definitely going to try it out :)
Comment from : Grow With E.

my word for 2k17 is a new beginning.
Comment from : chinthadasaidilip

Angela R
Lovely video. And yes please for more on the vision board. Xx
Comment from : Angela R

Adriana M
Thanks so much for this video! I did the activity as the first thing (but not first page) in my planner for 2017 right after watching the video. I hope everyone has a really great year!!! My words are grow and positive!
Comment from : Adriana M

thats really great thank you xoxo. I am applying it before even finishing the video
Comment from : TheNadoooshy

Annie Considine
My words for 2017 are Light & Listen :)
Comment from : Annie Considine

Jennie Montano
Thanks for much for posting. I have been really trying to motivate myself for the upcoming year because 2016 has just been fun overall but with a bit of chaos. Need to anchor more in 2017.
Comment from : Jennie Montano

Joana Patriarca
It was really good to see this video :-) I never done like this, but this time I felt this need to look to 2016 and remember good moments and my achievements specially because it was sadder than 2015. Your video came just in good time :-) I'm going to follow your example. Thank you <3
Comment from : Joana Patriarca

Milla Lange
My word for 2017 is trust.
Comment from : Milla Lange

you're awesome. thank you so much. love all your videos.
Comment from : TRAN HUYEN LINH

sara gallagher
Thank you so much for sharing this. I will definitely do this for myself. I think it was a great decision to not share your finished board. Wishing you all the best for 2017! ๐Ÿ’•
Comment from : sara gallagher

Kiki Queue
I'm going to do this with my son. Thank you! And I hope to see you on the cover of the Rolling Stone...I mean Yoga Journal ;) <3 :)
Comment from : Kiki Queue

Alexis Truitt
LOVED THIS SO MUCH!!! I enjoy all your videos but really appreciate the ones that focus on goal setting or introspection...your 30 Day Yoga Meditation Challenge is my favorite! I'll definitely give this a try. Thanks Kassandra!
Comment from : Alexis Truitt

thanks girl imma try making one too ๐Ÿ˜Š
Comment from : Catherine

Lindsay Marx
where do you end up keeping this board after you've made it?
Comment from : Lindsay Marx

Meg Auch
Love this!!
Comment from : Meg Auch

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