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QuoÑazgã Zakìa
Congratulations. ❤ God was with you the whole time
Comment from : QuoÑazgã Zakìa

Erica Campbell
grrrl that's how I recognize your from the ATL contest and you being on instagram! I'm so happy for you xx
Comment from : Erica Campbell

Meya Gn
I'm here again because i manifested a free appartement too thank you girl !
thank you univers 🌌

Comment from : Meya Gn

Britani Young
Never have heard of you before but your story is so touching. I'm genuinely happy for you, and you're exactly right...YOU have to demand your dream life. Thank you for spreading this message.
Comment from : Britani Young

Can someone explain how she has 320k subscribers but only 5000 views on average per video!? Weird
Comment from : shvettybetty

Tay Guevara
God had your name on it!!!! It was most certainly YOURS...... May God continue to lift you up and to DO more for the WORLD 🙏🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪💚💚💚❤❤💕💕💜💜❣❣💛💛💛😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘💚💚💚🧡🧡💋💋💋💋💋
Comment from : Tay Guevara

I have a girlfriend who was once involved with a drunk. She complained about how he used to vomit on the floors. And she had to clean it up before the kids could see it in the morning. She broke up with him.
Comment from : ShanaJahsintaWalters

María Eugenia Querido
Comment from : María Eugenia Querido

Alexis Vazquez
So proud of you! ❤
Comment from : Alexis Vazquez

Julia Majkowska
Thank you so much for sharing this story, i cried when I was watching yours and Annie's videos. You are very strong. I am glad that, yt recommended this video! I wish you the best!!! <3
Comment from : Julia Majkowska

This is one of my favourite videos on all of YouTube!!!! You are so inspiring lindsay <3! I'd love more storytime
Comment from : Skyringale

Savanna Rose
I came here from your video on ohhmyannie's channel and I want to leave the same comment I left there:
I'll be honest, I'm just sitting here crying through this whole video. I grew up in a broken home with two parents with personality disorders and I struggle with one myself. I've moved 8 times in the past 2 years and honestly, all I want is to buy a van to live in so I can be my own stability and I can travel. My biggest fear and insecurity is that I can never finish anything that I start, but I've been taking this quarantine to finally finish the poetry book that I started almost two years ago. Hearing your story just absolutely lit up my world and I'm still sobbing writing this. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU for reminding me of the LOA- I was drawn to this video and I'm so happy I clicked on it because it reminded me that I CAN control my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you <3

Comment from : Savanna Rose

Puja Panache Pandey
Heyy this is my first video of urs.. I feel inspired by u... Im glad that u got ur dream and comfortable life... I came to know about u from ohhmyAnnie
All the best!💕

Comment from : Puja Panache Pandey

Comment from : AA A

Georgia Fearnley
I would love to see how you did your vision board, and what your process is for that!! X
Comment from : Georgia Fearnley

Happy Cat
Your closing comments really got to me, calling me out. I'm so happy you got your chance and took advantage of it. LOVE YOU :)
Comment from : Happy Cat

Laura B
I know I'm watching this video a little late but I absolutely wanted to watch because I knew it was here but I just haven't had the time !
You're story is so awe inspiring you can't even image !
I'm so happy that you got this chance and managed to turn your life around !
And I would love if you did more story times ☺️
Love you ❤❤

Comment from : Laura B

Rocio Ibañez
I feel really warm watching your channel cause I can deeply relate a lot with you emotionally. Thank you♥️ I’m trying to be a better me everyday and your videos help me a lot. ♥️♥️
Comment from : Rocio Ibañez

Aldy Morales
You don't know how inspiring and magnificent this video has been for me. Thank you for sharing it, I wish you many more blessings and a very happy life. Greetings and love from Patagonia, Argentina
Comment from : Aldy Morales

sam desylva
I’d just like to say yeah maybe the money helped your channel out a lot in the beginning but money CANNOT BUY SUBSCRIBERS for the long haul! You’ve kept your channel going because your driven, sincere, likeable, easy going, caring, REAL and such an inspiration. You winning this money that made your channel grow is no different than someone taking out a loan to grow their channel. You got lucky because the universe/god knew you’ve been through hell but yet still continue to shine 💗You were well deserved to win that contest!!! Lots of love stay safe girly❤️
Comment from : sam desylva

It's so cool to see how much you've grown since then but always remember that you did the hard work to get your voice out there and win the contest! You took those big steps/reached out to fans for help to get out of the place you were in!! And you've kept it up since then! You are THRIVING and while I don't know you on the otherside of the screen, I'm proud of you! And I hope you're proud of yourself too!
Comment from : JellyTheHunter

Alexandra Torres
Loved this video ❤️ I’ve been watching your videos for yyyeeeaaarrrssss. I remember the time where you weren’t sure wat was the future for you and/or YouTube channel. And yet here you are :) so proud of you!!!

I recently started a podcast and it’s the best decision I’ve made. It has nothing to do with what I studied in college but it’s where life’s path has guided me. If you ever have the chance, take a listen. It’s called: Big Sister Plus One.

Take care ❤️

Comment from : Alexandra Torres

Bhaavya Rastogi
SO so happy for you
Comment from : Bhaavya Rastogi

Aman Dhillon
I love this!! ❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Aman Dhillon

Rebecca Riddle
Loved hearing your story x
Comment from : Rebecca Riddle

anan glamm
I'm soo happyyyy for you Lindsay!!!!!
Comment from : anan glamm

Angela Birts
Oh my goodness I love this! That was so heartwarming watching everyone say Lindsays perfect year. I think this is really a demonstration of Jeremiah 29:11 “I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future”. I’m so proud if you Lindsay!
Comment from : Angela Birts

Dark Knight
I'm happy for u ❤
Comment from : Dark Knight

This is so inspiring!! Love your videos ❤️
Comment from : Aud

I was 13 when you posted that campaign video, I’m 19 now. I’ve been subscribed to you since then and I have seen your growth and I’ve kind of grown up with you as well. Thank you for being a great inspiration and always been so honest. I don’t know why I cried watching this video. Always going to wish you the best and I love you!! Thank you
Comment from : mariana

Katie Pecotich
You are so deserving of this. I’m so glad you won, thank you for sharing 💚
Comment from : Katie Pecotich

vanessa rodriguez
So happy for you 😊
Comment from : vanessa rodriguez

I loved watching those clips. So cool to see how someone has changed and evolved ♥️. You are such a genuine and kind hearted person, you deserve everything 💓
Comment from : starrypunk20

Ashley Yarrow
I can't remember the first video of yours that I watched, but I'm so glad I found your channel all those years ago! You're so true, genuine and caring for all of your subscribers. You absolutely deserved to win and I love that it gave you a fresh start. I can't wait for future storytime videos. You've come such a long way and although I don't know you personally, your videos make it seem as if you're our friend. So proud of you!!!
Comment from : Ashley Yarrow

Can you make a specifically about how you manifested this into your life with details about the method you used? Love you & God Bless you 🙏🏼
Comment from : T D

Brooke McElroy
So glad you finally told this story! You deserve everything. I love you so so much!!! Loved watching you grow over all these years.
Comment from : Brooke McElroy

La Vida de María
What I love most about this video is your transformation from then to now im so proud of you Lindsay!
Comment from : La Vida de María

La Vida de María
I can relate with the abusive partner Ive had an abusive ex girlfriend and sucks
Comment from : La Vida de María

Sorry this is off topic but the lighting in this video and the color of that shirt matches you sooo well and you look amazing omg 😳
Comment from : Tramikins

Tatyana Lobo
This video made me snotty and bawl more than I was expecting lol but it's because of the genuineness of you and this video!!!! I love you so much and thank you for your truth<3
Comment from : Tatyana Lobo

Brett Sigley
I remember you entering that contest!! But I just wanted to say not everyone that could have won would have still been successful. A lot of ppl would have taken it for granted and just accepted and then after the year they didn’t keep pushing for growth. You did and that’s something no one can just hand you.
Comment from : Brett Sigley

Allie Rose
God is good, he will always have your back. There is no need to worry ever❤️
Comment from : Allie Rose

L Da Bell
I love your positivity ! Thank you for sharing hope!
Comment from : L Da Bell

Where is this apartment complex? I lowkey wanna do a contest like this. Do they still do this?
Comment from : MeMyselfandJoulene

Amber Christine
My little babies and I were separated because of domestic violence in 2019. Im manifesting everything I need for my babies and me to be together, thank you. I haven’t watched it yet, I just know it will help 🤍
Comment from : Amber Christine

Gabriela Gutierrez
I got so emotional watching because I remember you requesting the start of #LisndsaysPerfectYear and I’ve been following since then. I love you girl you are such an amazing virtual friend🌸 You deserve the life you have and more💛💛
Comment from : Gabriela Gutierrez

You are truly inspiring. I’m so proud of you, you deserved that change in your life & more. I loved watching this. ❤️
Comment from : Jahaida

Eva Oceana
Thank you so much...🙏☺️😊 right when I needed it. Thanks Lindsay. Wish you the best!
Comment from : Eva Oceana

Trending With Tori
I’m crying watching everyone say “Lindsay’s Perfect Year!” I’ll still never get over this story. You are so inspiring to so many people. Keep shining bright Lindsay!! You’re amazing 🤗
Comment from : Trending With Tori

Taylor Nicole
Watching the video of everyone saying Lindsays perfect year was the most touching video I have ever watched
Comment from : Taylor Nicole

Leontina Aliu
Comment from : Leontina Aliu

Christina Marie
I remember when I first heard you talk about this story, I was absolutely blown away! Talk about an incredible opportunity! And I don’t think the prize could have gone to anyone more deserving. 😊❤️ keep shining girl!
Comment from : Christina Marie

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